Friday, May 4, 2018

Amigurumi Jointed Teddy Bear Villem and Marta: New Amigurumi Crochet Teddy Bear Patterns

Do you like crochet amigurumi teddy bears with vintage inspired elegance with jointed head, legs and hands? I´m so happy to share with you my latest news. I have listed these new amigurumi crochet teddy bear patterns in my shop: two patterns in the the same PDF tutorial. 

4-way Jointed Teddy Bear: Teddy Villem

5-way Jointed Teddy Bear: Teddy Marta

They are crocheted in the same way, but differ in head and body and also in a placement of safety toy eyes because Marta bear is fully jointed.

Fully jointed Amigurumi Teddy Marta is made out of DK/worsted Alpaca yarn, ca. 80 gr.
(here Schachenmayr smc, Alpaka Premium)
She has a sophisticated feel that makes it a great crochet bear for adults as well. 
5-way jointed teddy bear
Used Safety Joints, 16mm x 3 sets for head and hands
and 20mm x 2 sets for legs
2,5 mm Clover crochet hook
fine toy stuffing
Illustrating videos can be found here:

4 - way jointed Amigurumi Teddy Villem is made out of DK/worsted Alpaca yarn, ca. 80 gr.
 Teddy Villem is a pretty mustard yellow version of a classic teddy bear.
(here Schachenmayr smc, Alpaka Premium)
Used Safety Joints, 16mm x 2 sets for hands
and 20mm x 2 sets for legs
2,5 mm Clover crochet hook
fine toy stuffing
Illustrating videos can be found here:

Vintage inspired teddy bear patterns are now available for you to crochet a bear or two. They have this classical look which gives the childhood teddy bear effect. Why you should give it a try, will give you some reasons:
a) very little sewing required. Amigurumi Teddy Marta is fully jointed, meaning there´s only ears to be sewn to head. 

b) inserting plastic safety joints is easy, because I´ve designed the teddy bear pattern with little holes in a body and in head where to place plastic safety joints (placing joints, joining head to body using safety joints), so everything has made very easy for you

c) you can make very many classical amigurumi teddy bears with this teddy bear pattern. Create your own Teddy Bear as a gift for a child, for a grand child for closed ones or why not to yourself, if you don´t have one. Teddy is a lifetime friend. 

And you can customize it to suit any occasion. And you can crochet scarves in various colors to make it even cuter!

Teddy Bear Making Process:

Some photos of the designing process

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Monday, April 16, 2018

New Sets of Hand Painted Safety Eyes

A set of 12mm hand painted safety eyes, round pupil

Hand Painted Safety Eyes for Amigurumi

When you need something extra - personality to your amigurumi toys, here´s some new sets of hand painted safety eyes, I´ve listed to my shop: Tinyamigurumi.  They are all hand painted by me. Most of the eyes are unique, because I mix colors, create some effects or add pearl or golden effect. I´ve painted these gourmet sets for amigurumi makers who are really into handmade things from start to finish. I like to use very fine yarns and crochet hook is also important, not to mention stuffing. Yes, stuffing for amigurumi toys is significant, will come back to that in my next posts. 
So, if you are looking for hand painted safety eyes for your own amigurumi creations, you are most welcome to my shop. 

a set of 15mm hand painted safety eyes, round pupil

A set of 15mm hand painted safety eyes, slit pupil

A set of 12mm hand painted safety eyes with golden effect. 

A set of hand painted safety eyes "Teddy". 

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Easter Decorations 2018

A little photo stream of this year´s Easter 

We dyed Easter eggs with onion skins. A traditional method. We wrapped them in nylon stockings. To create even more interesting patterns, we used first green leaves nature were giving us. It´s always just a wonderful thing to unwrap them to find so many different patterns, colors and shades. Of course, some eggs were painted with pencils and markers as well, like the little bunny, drawn by my daughter: studyelise. I like the simplicity. And of course, there´s always some chocolate as well. This year´s favorites: Fazer Mignons and some good Kalev Chocolate eggs. Spring is just around the corner. 

Monday, February 19, 2018

Hand Painted Safety Eyes for Amigurumi and Handmade Toys

Some of these New sets of hand painted safety eyes can now be purchased.
These hand painted eyes are made for people who make handmade toys and would like to make their toys even more lovable and unique. If you spend so much time on your creations, hand painted safety eyes are the final detail to be added to make your creations talk. Each safety eye is painted with care and also very fine materials are used - each pair of safety eyes is different. They are also easy to fit by hand. I mix colors. I create effects. I like to add pearl or gold effect. Also "reflection" or even glitter effect. Hand painted safety eyes look natural and that´s why are perfect for handmade toys, like amigurumi crocheted toys, handmade plushies, stuffed toys.

Eyes I´m painting are coming from Japan, where amigurumi originates! It means they are with really good quality. And I´m using fine artist colors and varnish. This makes them unique.

This is how I place them on a cardboard. So nice to see them all - to choose the best ones for your current toy or to match them with yarns you want to use for your further creations - to have a full overview of those nice extra details.
Some of these sets are made extra for a book: Cuddly Amigurumi Toys

And a Brand New Set of Eyes:

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Friday, February 9, 2018

Free Crochet Heart Pattern - Valentines Day!

Valentine´s Day is right around the corner. On 2016 I published a Free Crochet Heart Pattern
And I want to show you my this year´s amigurumi hearts, all made with this free amigurumi pattern. It´s super easy and quick crochet heart. You can make them as decortaions, little gifts or even turn your little crochet hearts into hairties, very practical as well. Crochet hearts can also be just as small gifts to hand out everybody you like. Kids love them, I know :)
And it doesn´t have to be only February, 14th to enjoy making and sharing those little crochet hearts. Always a very popular choice a year round.

My Amigurumi Crochet Hearts made this year, and will make more, for sure!

These crochet hearts are turned into hairties. Beautiful combination of different soft colors. 
Katia Bamboo, 2.5mm crochet hook, some stuffing and a hairtie. 

This red crochet heart is crocheted up with a very small hook, 1,5mm, tiny crochet heart is rigid and there are no gaps between stitches.

Hope you´ll enjoy making your crochet amigurumi hearts.